Lumber truck

Timber carrier

Lumber trucks are capable of overcoming off-road terrain and can cope even with difficult terrain. The machine has a special cargo compartment where lumber is loaded. In this compartment there are special cones, which fix the transported logs. In this way the machine can transport the transported cargo carefully and safely to the destination point. To prevent the logs from shifting forward, a special grate is installed in front of the cab, which holds the load when the vehicle is braking.

Most lumber trucks are equipped with manipulators, which are used for loading and unloading. For this equipment, a power take-off gearbox and a pump are installed on the chassis of the machine. Such vehicles are equipped with a large fuel tank, as the operation of a forest truck requires a large amount of fuel. When transporting timber from logging sites, transport conditions do not always allow the use of semi-trailers. In this case, the use of forestry trailers up to 9-10 metres long is justified. They are more manoeuvrable than semi-trailers, lighter and allow transporting a significant volume of timber.

  • Length 2.40 - 6.20 m
  • Width 2.45 m
  • Height 2.45 m
  • Volume to 35 m3
  • Tonnage to 40 t

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