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Online Cargo Assistant System - We help provide reliable and fast search for cargo and transport in Europe and Asia.

About us

What is OCAS ?
Digital platform for international and domestic freight transportation, which unites carriers and shippers in Europe and Asia.
Our goal
To bring logistics processes to perfection, making them intelligent, safe and accessible to everyone.
Our mission
Not only in creating a modern logistics platform, but also in expanding opportunities for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. We unite carriers and freight forwarders in one digital space, providing a convenient and reliable service.
Work principles
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We follow new trends and technologies in logistics to provide customers with modern solutions for business improvement.
star-about-us polygon-about-us Convenience
We strive to provide users with a convenient and easy way to search for freight and transport anywhere in Europe and Asia.
star-about-us polygon-about-us Expertise
We work with experienced and professional logistics specialists.
star-about-us polygon-about-us Partnership
We prioritize mutually beneficial partnerships by establishing long-term relationships with our partners.
We offer
Logistics solutions that lead to success