Types of minivans:


Minivan passengers
  • Length 5.68-6.40 m
  • Width 2.08 m
  • Height 2.39-2.69 m
  • Tonnage 1.28-1.30 t
Designed for the carriage of passengers on urban and suburban routes. They are equipped with 8+ seats. Standing seats are often provided for high ceilings. The traffic rules are general. The driver must have a category D licence. Passenger class minibuses with 8 seats are usually used by private taxi drivers for transport within the city and as family cars for travelling.


Minivan cargo-passengers
  • Length 4.80 m
  • Width 1.80-2.03 m
  • Height 1.88-2.20 m
  • Volume 3.70-4.50 m3
  • Tonnage 0.75-1.30 t
A cargo-passengers minivan is designed for simultaneous transport of both passengers and cargo. Inside this vehicle there is a passenger compartment and a cargo compartment separated from the passenger compartment by a special partition. Three seats are located in the cabin, the rest - in the body. The design of the minibus cargo compartment allows to securely fasten the cargo.


Minivan cargo
  • Length 4.05-6.41 m
  • Width 1.83-2.68 m
  • Height 1.86-2.89 m
  • Volume 7.5-12 m3
  • Tonnage 1-3.5 t
There is one row of passenger seats inside the vehicle. The load compartment can be specialised, designed to carry a specific type of cargo, or universal, where cargo with different characteristics can be transported. Passenger transport is strictly prohibited in the cargo area. The load capacity is on average two tonnes. A side and rear door is provided for loading cargo. It has large useful volume - up to 10 m3. It can be unheated, isothermal, equipped with a refrigerator. Side and rear doors, low platform provide convenience of loading and unloading operations.
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