Grain carrier

Grain carrier

The high sides of the grain tanker allow to transport large volumes of cargo. Such trucks are created on the basis of a durable multi-axle chassis of high cross-country ability to work on field roads. Grain carriers and semi-trailers of dump type allow to unload the body quickly without additional means. These vehicles are available in various payloads, heights and body volumes.

The grain is loaded from above, through hatches or a sliding roof. Some grain wagons are equipped with a self-loading system. Unloading is performed mainly by pneumatic devices, which ensure grain delivery to storage tanks at a height of up to 20 metres. Grain carriers are in demand by agricultural and livestock enterprises and enterprises for transporting grain, mixed fodder and other cargoes to the place of its storage and processing.

Types of grain carriers:


Grain carrier standard
  • Length 12.60 m
  • Width 2.44 m
  • Height 1.90 m
  • Volume 60 m3
  • Tonnage 20 -29 t
This is a conventional flatbed truck with a body height of 3 metres. Up to 20 tonnes of grain can be transported in such a vehicle. Unloading is done manually.

Dump truck

Grain carrier dump truck
  • Length 12.60 m
  • Width 2.44 m
  • Height 1.90 m
  • Volume 42 - 62 m3
  • Tonnage 20 - 23 t
It has a high body with an open top. It has the advantage of tipping over, so unloading is quick.

Tanker truck

Grain carrier tanker truck
  • Length 7.40 - 12.20 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Height 3.50 - 3.90 m
  • Volume 13 - 80 m3
  • Tonnage 20 - 25 t
Provides maximum protection of transported grain from any unfavourable weather conditions. It is recommended to use this type of transport if grain or other bulk products need to be transported over long distances.

Road train

Grain carrier road train
  • Length 15.40 - 19.60 m
  • Width 2.44 m
  • Height 1.90 m
  • Volume 80 - 90 m3
  • Tonnage to 60 t
The grain hauler is equipped with two high-capacity bodies at the same time. This allows to transport more grain and thus save time and fuel. The disadvantage of such a grain truck can also be considered the presence of additional costs for unloading it.
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