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calendar 05.12 - 25.12

LT_1844 Lithuania, LT

arrow_1844 1442km

MD_a1844 Moldova, MD


22700t, 20m3, back

EUR negotiated

calendar 04.12 - 31.12

TR_1837 Çerkezköy, TR

arrow_1837 5808km

KZ_a1837 Kazakhstan, KZ

Curtainsider, Flatbed trailer


USD negotiated

calendar 04.12 - 08.12

TR_1843 Akyazı, TR

arrow_1843 2016km

CZ_a1843 Prague, CZ


20400t, 32m3, side, FTL

USD any

calendar 04.12 - 08.12

TR_1842 Akyazı, TR

arrow_1842 1119km

RS_a1842 Belgrade, RS


20400t, 32m3, side, FTL

USD any

calendar 04.12 - 04.12

KZ_1840 Almaty, KZ

arrow_1840 1950km

KZ_a1840 Kostanay, KZ

Refrigerated truck

20t, 86m3, back

RUB negotiated

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calendar 04.12 - 10.12

RU_1841 Shipunovsky, RU

arrow_1841 946km

KZ_a1841 Astana, KZ

Isothermal truck

20t, back, LTL

USD negotiated

calendar 04.12 - 05.12

TR_1839 Mersin, TR

arrow_1839 4318km (1.62 USD/km)

KZ_a1839 Shymkent, KZ

Refrigerated truck

22t, side, back, FTL, LTL

7000 USD negotiated

calendar 03.12 - 10.12

RU_1838 Shipunovsky, RU

arrow_1838 284km (105.63 RUB/km)

KZ_a1838 Semey, KZ

Curtainsider, Van

20t, back, LTL

30000 RUB negotiated

calendar 11.12 - 30.12

TR_1836 Mersin, TR

arrow_1836 3292km

KZ_a1836 Oral, KZ

Refrigerated truck


USD negotiated

calendar 07.12 - 07.12

BY_1835 Minsk, BY

arrow_1835 2460km

KZ_a1835 Aktobe, KZ

Refrigerated truck

20t, 86m3, back

USD negotiated

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