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calendar 12.06 - 15.06

UZ_3746 Asaka, UZ

arrow_3746 3943km

AZ_a3746 Baku, AZ


22t, side, back, FTL

USD cashless

calendar 12.06 - 14.06

UZ_3744 Tashkent, UZ

arrow_3744 4503km

MD_a3744 Chișinău, MD


22t, side, FTL

USD negotiated

calendar 05.06 - 31.07

TR_3697 Adana, TR

arrow_3697 2054km (1.75 USD/km)

RU_a3697 Bataysk, RU


20t, 89.9m3, upper, side, back, FTL

3600 USD negotiated

calendar 14.06 - 06.09

TR_3710 Türkiye, TR

arrow_3710 3943km

UZ_a3710 Uzbekistan, UZ


16t, 90m3, back, FTL

USD cashless

calendar 11.06 - 13.06

TR_3731 Adana, TR

arrow_3731 2062km (1.84 USD/km)

RU_a3731 Rostov-on-Don, RU


17t, 82m3, upper, side, FTL

3800 USD negotiated

calendar 13.06 - 13.06

TR_2115 Izmit, TR

arrow_2115 1993km

PL_a2115 Gliwice, PL


22t, upper, FTL

EUR negotiated

calendar 14.06 - 18.06

RU_3752 Tver, RU

arrow_3752 3967km (47.9 RUB/km)

KZ_a3752 Oskemen, KZ

Tented/Curtainsider, Refrigerated truck

20t, 82m3, back, FTL

190000 RUB cashless

calendar 14.06 - 18.06

RU_3751 Tver, RU

arrow_3751 2951km (54.22 RUB/km)

KZ_a3751 Astana, KZ

Tented/Curtainsider, Refrigerated truck

20t, 82m3, back, FTL

160000 RUB cashless

calendar 13.06 - 15.06

BY_3750 Brest, BY

arrow_3750 2020km

FR_a3750 Valence, FR

Refrigerated truck

5t, FTL, LTL, additional loading possible, consolidated cargo

USD cashless

calendar 13.06 - 15.06

TR_3749 Bursa, TR

arrow_3749 1101km

RO_a3749 Romania, RO

Mega truck

22t, FTL

EUR cash

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