General purpose vans. They are used for transporting packaged and unpackaged industrial and food products that do not require special devices and appliances for their stowage and fixing, as well as certain temperatures during transport: appliances, tools, printed products, footwear, furniture, carpets. This type of vehicles are manufactured at plants owned by Isuzu, Hyundai, Hino, Fuso, Iveco.

Types of vans:


Van Pickup
  • Length 5.11 m
  • Width 2.1 m
  • Height 1.9 m
  • Tonnage 0.8 t
A vehicle with an enlarged loading platform and a rear part of the body designed for the transportation of various goods, materials and tools. Pickups have an open body consisting of a body and a loading platform. Bodies can have different lengths and widths and can be made of different materials, such as steel, aluminum or composite materials. One of the most important characteristics of a pickup truck is its load capacity. This means how heavy a load a car can carry. The load capacity can vary from 500 kg to more than 1.5 tons, depending on the model.


Van Box
  • Length 2.65 m
  • Width 1.50 m
  • Height 1.60 m
  • Volume 6 m3
  • Tonnage 0.8 t
It is a cab-on-chassis truck with a cube-shaped closed load compartment. Box trucks have the flexibility of moving FTL & LTL loads, as they come in various sizes and configurations. Box trucks are among the most versatile freight vehicles in the market. They can be used for many cargo-hauling applications, like moving furniture, making perishable food deliveries, and transporting construction materials.


Van Minibus
  • Length 6.41 m
  • Width 2.06 m
  • Height 2.80 m
  • Volume 9.5 m3
  • Tonnage 1 - 3.5 t
Minibuses are used for passenger and freight transport, depending on their configuration. All-metal minibuses do not need additional special equipment for loading and unloading goods and are quite fuel-efficient. Thanks to their compact dimensions and high manoeuvrability, minibuses can successfully cope with transportation on narrow streets and busy roads.


Van Refrigerated
  • Length 2.80-4.00 m
  • Width 1.70-1.80 m
  • Height 1.60-1.90 m
  • Volume 14-28 m3
  • Tonnage 1.5-6 t
Necessary for transporting frozen or chilled products over long distances.


Van Isothermal
  • Length 2.8-4.00 m
  • Width 1.70-2.00 m
  • Height 1.60-1.90 m
  • Volume 16-31 m3
  • Tonnage 1.5-6.5 t
Allow the required temperature to be maintained inside the body for a long period of time. Fresh fruit and vegetables and some other foodstuffs are usually transported in such vehicles.

Special purpose

Van Special purpose
  • Length 4.00-6.00 m
  • Width 2.30 m
  • Height 2.20 m
  • Volume 20-30 m3
  • Tonnage 5 t
These vans require a customised approach to design and manufacture and are used to transport a specialised product.
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