Lowbed semi-trailer

Trawl low loader semi-trailer

The lowbed semi-trailer can have from two to eight axles. Various construction, military and agricultural equipment, including tracked vehicles that are not allowed to travel on public roads, can be transported with the help of a trawl.

Types of lowbed semi-trailers:


Trawl low loader semi-trailer extendable
  • Length 15.52 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Height 1.36 m
  • Tonnage 38 t
The extendable low-bed semi-trailers can be adjusted to the dimensions of the load. Sliding telescopic platforms allow the platform length to be extended. Extending the platform length reduces the load capacity of the trawl. Depending on the length of the load, the platform extension can be single, double or triple and can reach up to 40 metres. These trailers are used for transporting pipes, beams, poles, supports or tanks.


Trawl low loader semi-trailer low-bed
  • Length 5 .00- 12.00 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Height 0.40 m
  • Tonnage 70 t
The platform height of low-bed trailers ranges from 40 to 70 centimetres from the road surface. The length can reach 13-16 metres. These trailers are suitable for transporting specialised equipment and oversized cargo on standard paved roads.


Trawl low loader semi-trailer high-loader
  • Length 11.00 m
  • Width 3.00 m
  • Height 1.26 m
  • Tonnage 70 t
A high-loader lowbed semi-trailer is a special platform that is designed for transporting heavy machinery in off-road and difficult road conditions. These trailers cope well with the transport of oversized loads even in extreme conditions and perform well at low temperatures. High-loader trailers have large wheels and high ground clearance, which makes it possible to drive in all weather conditions.

Tilt frame

Trawl low loader semi-trailer tilt frame
  • Length 7.80 m
  • Width 2.75 m
  • Height 0.60 m
  • Tonnage 60 t
Tilt frame trailers have a low loading height due to the tilted frame. Only the centre, flat part of the platform is used for load placement. Low-weight equipment can occupy the entire trailer section, including the sloping frame.


Trawl low loader semi-trailer modular
  • Length 20.00 m
  • Width 3.35 m
  • Height 1.19 m
  • Tonnage 160 t
The modular trailer belongs to the category of low-frame trawls-heavy trucks. It allows you to increase the platform area both in width and in length. In this case, the load capacity of the mechanism is not reduced. The complex structure with hydraulic suspension type provides greater maneuverability by tilting the mounting platform in any direction, turning individual pairs of wheels and raising or lowering individual center lines. A trawl for the transportation of oversized cargo with such capabilities allows the operator to fully control the entire process of its delivery.


Trawl low loader semi-trailer ballast
  • Length 14.00 m
  • Width 3.00 m
  • Height 1.15 m
  • Tonnage 80 t
A ballast lowbed trailer is a special vehicle for transporting particularly large loads. Large cranes and similar equipment are transported to work sites. Sometimes transport long loads that have a concentrated load on the entire structure. They are also often used to transport wind turbines. This can be either a front-entry or rear-entry trailer. These trailers are usually equipped with a sliding system to hide extra metres of length. Ballast lowbed trailers are able to carry out transport in a variety of conditions, ranging from standard roads to off-road.


Trawl low loader semi-trailer telescopic
  • Length 6 .00 - 40.00 m
  • Width 2.50 - 4.00 m
  • Height 0.85 m
  • Tonnage 120 - 200 t
Telescopic lowbed trailers are a type of trailers in which the area can be extended and expanded. The purpose of such trailers is the transport of oversized equipment, various non-disassembled structures, as well as the transport of particularly large loads. The platform is most often extended to a length of 14 to 25 metres, up to a maximum of 40 metres.
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