Flatbed trailer

Lowbed trailer

The three-axle carriage platform allows you to transport a large mass of cargo, therefore it is often used as a tow truck for heavy-duty vehicles. Carriage trailers often serve as a base for car carriers and other structures that imply a heavy load on the base. As a rule, the working surface has dimensions of 4.5 x 2 m. The carriage platform is designed for motor vehicles, small-sized machinery, agricultural transport and machinery, specialized road construction equipment, industrial construction equipment and building materials, passenger transport - cars, boats, yachts, helicopters, large and non-standard reinforced concrete and metal structures. Cargo transportation on an open carriage platform is most often the transportation of oversized cargo. They are distinguished by their large weight, volume, and high rates of displacement of the center of gravity. Transportation of oversized cargo on an open carriage platform is affordable

  • Length 2.50 - 9.00 m
  • Width 1.40 - 2.40 m
  • Tonnage 0.45 - 2.50 t

warning sizes and dimensions are for informational purposes