Tow truck


The haulage is carried out by means of full or partial loading or towing of the vehicle. Cargo evacuation belongs to the category of the most complex types of evacuation. In order to transport large-sized vehicles or special equipment, one cannot do without a specially designed for this purpose cargo wrecker. With a cargo wrecker it becomes possible to transport any kind of heavy equipment.

Types of tow trucks:

With a winch

Evacuator with a winch
  • Length 4.30 m
  • Width 2.10 m
  • Height 2.30 m
  • Tonnage 1.25 t
The load capacity of a winch tow truck is up to seven tonnes, depending on the type of chassis. There are electric, mechanical and hydraulic winches. When it comes to transporting cars, hydraulic mechanisms are recommended. In addition to convenience, they guarantee safety: if the permissible weight is exceeded, the mechanism will stop, but will not break. It is one of the most common types, as it is universal, suitable for almost all passenger cars.

With hydraulic manipulator

Evacuator with hydraulic manipulator
  • Length 6.50 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Height 14 m
  • Tonnage 9.5 t
A tow truck with a hydraulic manipulator combines the functionality of two machines: a lorry and a crane. This mechanism allows you to pick up a car, load it and transport it to the desired address. It can transport cars from the scene of an accident, including those caught in a ditch, new cars with ignition failure, blocked doors, inoperable steering.

With a straight flatbed

Evacuator with a straight flatbed
  • Length 6.69 m
  • Width 2.11 m
  • Height 2.26 m
  • Tonnage 4 t
Flatbed tow trucks are equipped with a crane and an integral straight metal platform. The main advantage is the minimum height, which makes the technology convenient to use in populated areas. The wrecker can be loaded up to the maximum payload, as it is equipped with additional rear stabilisers. It is excellent at extracting vehicles from ditches, narrow or tight spaces.

With a curved platform

Evacuator with a curved platform
  • Length 6.63 m
  • Width 2.11 m
  • Height 2.26m
  • Tonnage 4.66 t
A special feature of the curved platform tow truck is the double bend platform, which visually creates the impression of a broken platform. Curved platform tow trucks are suitable for transporting almost any kind of equipment. This type of tow truck can be useful in absolutely different situations on the road: both for vehicles that can drive themselves onto the platform, and for vehicles seriously injured in an accident.

With sliding platform

Evacuator with sliding platform
  • Length 7.60 m
  • Width 2.34 m
  • Height 2.45 m
  • Tonnage 4.95 t
The main advantage of this type of tow trucks is the ability of the platform to move with the help of special hydraulic cylinders. Due to the absence of moving ramps, the efficiency and speed of work is increased. The small dimensions are no less important, thanks to which loading can be carried out in a small area.

Wheel Lift

Evacuator wheel Lift
  • Length 10.33 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Height 2.97 m
  • Tonnage 18.30 t
The vehicle can be mounted on the tow truck fully or partially. On a partially loaded tow truck, the vehicle is mounted with only one pair of wheels. The locked wheels are on the platform and the movable wheels are on the carriageway. Suitable for vehicles with large dimensions.

Double Decker

Evacuator Double Decker
  • Length 7.85 m
  • Width 2.51 m
  • Height 2.65 m
  • Tonnage 2.80 t
Allows simultaneous towing of two vehicles with different weights. The support frame ensures the safety of the vehicle on the ground floor and the balance of the tow truck. The top can be designed according to the principle of a break type tow truck, thus achieving optimum height and balance.
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