Flatbed truck

Flatbed truck

Flatbed trucks are one of the most common types of lorries. It is well suited for transporting construction materials, containers, palletised materials, various machinery, forest timber, agricultural goods Flatbed trucks can be unloaded from any side with free access to the cargo. Flatbed trucks allow to transport a wide range of cargoes, as well as to operate trailer and lifting equipment are deservedly popular among road hauliers.

Types of flatbed trucks:

Small-tonnage 0-1.5T

  • Length 5.11 m
  • Width 2.1 m
  • Height 1.9 m
  • Tonnage 0.8 t

Medium-tonnage 1.5-8T

  • Length 6.02 m
  • Width 1.85 m
  • Height 2.15 m
  • Tonnage 3.2 t

Large-tonnage 8-40T

  • Length 11.70-13.60 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Height 0.50-1.00 m
  • Tonnage 22 t

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