Panel transporter

Panel transporter

A panel carrier is a platform on which a unit is mounted for fixing wall panels, slabs, partitions, slabs, windows, glass, doors, staircases.

Types of panel trailers:


Panel transporter ridged
  • Length 11.67 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Height 3.87 m
  • Tonnage 20 t
Ridge panel trucks have a trapezoidal load-bearing frame made of rolled metal profiles. Panels are installed at an angle of 8...10° to the vertical on loading platforms with wooden decking located on the sides of the frame. The panels are fastened using screw clamps, clamping strips and ropes tightened with a hand winch. The advantage of ridged panel trucks is their low loading height and ease of loading and unloading operations.


Panel transporter cassette
  • Length 12.40 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Height 3.69 m
  • Tonnage 18.3 t
The cassette-type panel carrier semi-trailer is a versatile vehicle that can be used for transporting panels as well as other products. On the sides of the platform there are 2 vertical metal moulds. They are held by holders and dividers. The moulds can have metal bridges to make the construction stronger. The main advantages of this model of semi-trailer-panel truck include increased strength and load capacity, which allows you to transport any type of panels. Working platform 7480mm x 1600mm, adaptable for oversized panels.


Panel transporter platformer
  • Length 14.20 m
  • Width 2.50 m
  • Height 3.80 m
  • Tonnage 23.3 t
In addition to transporting building panels, platform-type panel trucks can be used as load platforms for transporting slabs, beams and other piece loads, which do not exceed the dimensions of the platform and the load capacity of the semi-trailer. The main disadvantage of cassette panel trucks is high loading height.
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