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calendar 27.06 - 31.07

KZ_3803 Zhezkazgan, KZ

arrow_3803 5727km

DE_a3803 Aue-Bad Schlema, DE

Tented/Curtainsider, Flatbed truck

22t, upper, side, back

USD negotiated

calendar 20.07 - 26.07

TR_3935 Eskişehir, TR

arrow_3935 1919km

RU_a3935 Krasnodar, RU

Mega truck

27300t, 26m3, side

USD negotiated

calendar 19.07 - 29.07

IT_3934 Italy, IT

arrow_3934 7170km

KZ_a3934 Almaty, KZ



USD negotiated

calendar 19.07 - 21.07

TR_3932 Nizip, TR

arrow_3932 3891km (1.08 USD/km)

LT_a3932 Vilnius, LT


22t, 32m3, side, back, FTL

4200 USD negotiated

calendar 22.07 - 26.07

TR_3931 Ankara, TR

arrow_3931 5195km

KZ_a3931 Almaty, KZ


1t, LTL

USD negotiated

calendar 19.07 - 19.07

UA_3930 Khmelnytskyi, UA

arrow_3930 194km (37.11 UAH/km)

UA_a3930 Rivne, UA


22t, side, back

7200 UAH cash

calendar 19.07 - 31.07

BY_3691 Brest, BY

arrow_3691 528km

LT_a3691 Kaunas, LT

Tented/Curtainsider, Isothermal truck

22t, side, back, FTL

EUR negotiated

calendar 27.07 - 30.07

TR_3929 Istanbul, TR

arrow_3929 1714km (0.06 USD/km)

GE_a3929 Telavi, GE


22t, 56.1m3, back

100 USD negotiated

calendar 22.07 - 26.07

DE_3928 Dresden, DE

arrow_3928 1894km

UA_a3928 Kharkiv, UA


15t, 90m3, side, back, FTL

EUR negotiated

calendar 24.07 - 26.07

RU_3926 Domodedovo, RU

arrow_3926 1534km

PL_a3926 Częstochowa, PL



USD negotiated

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