Empty vehicle's route
TR Bursa route icon Istanbul TR
25.06 - 26.06

Submission date
25.06.2024 - 26.06.2024
Route distance
153 km
departure From
TR Bursa, Bursa, Türkiye, TR
arrow 153km
arrival To
TR Istanbul, Türkiye, TR
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Posted 25.06.2024 00:04 count views 4
type transport Vehicle type: Truck type loading Loading: side, consolidated cargo, hydraulic lift tonnage Tonnage: 4 t amount Volume: 30 m3 count transport Number of vehicles: 1 transport width Vehicle body dimensions: Width: 2.2m Length: 5.2m Height: 3m count pallets Number of pallets: 6 GPS: The vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracker price Cost: TRY - negotiated
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Brief description

Designed for the transportation of freight in the vehicle's body or on a loading platform.Trucks have their own classification and distinctive features.

warning sizes and dimensions are for informational purposes


Length,m: 3-13.60
Width,m: 1.8-2.45
Height,m: 1.5-2.46
Volume,m3: 8-82
Tonnage,t: 1.5-20
Number of pallets: 4-33