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UZ Samarkand route icon Minsk BY
11.04 - 31.05

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Submission date
11.04.2024 - 31.05.2024
Route distance
4223 km
departure From
UZ Samarkand, Samarqand, Uzbekistan, UZ
arrow 4223km
arrival To
BY Minsk, Minsk, Belarus, BY
Posted 21.06.2024 11:52 count views 26
type transport Vehicle type: Refrigerated truck tonnage Tonnage: 21 t count transport Number of vehicles: 3 price Cost: USD - any
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Brief description

The body of the refrigerated truck is lined with thermally insulating materials, but in contrast the refrigerated truck is additionally equipped with refrigeration equipment.

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Length,m: 13.20-13.60
Width,m: 2.40-2.50
Height,m: 2.40-2.70
Volume,m3: 82-86
Tonnage,t: 20-22
Number of pallets: 33